Monday, June 27, 2011

Heartstrings: Full OST Trailer


Wahhhhh. I can't even go to sleep for a few hours without missing something epic. Amidst my morning (afternoon) ritual of waking up and checking soompi, allkpop and all my normal blogs, I found THIS.

June 29th cannot come soon enough, at this point. After banging my head against the wall at the insanity that is Lie to Me (why I haven't I dropped it yet?) and although I didn't watch Best Love (I will soon!), I just need this drama (especially in the wake of a heavy heart due to Secret Garden). If it's an utter failure, I'm going to be so mad.

MBC has been a real stickler about releasing this trailer anywhere. I finally found it, thanks to ockoala over at A Koala's Playground, so anyone reading this, go check out her blog!

A few of the show's conflicts are blatantly apparent from this: messy relationship between the two professors, played by So Yi-hyun and Song Chang-ui; Park Shin-hye's character most likely falls for Jung Yong-hwa's character first; they will more than likely clash over the difference in their musical preferences, as PSH's character is studying traditional instruments and JYH's Shin is studying modern music.

The various conflicts should be fun to watch play out, and it seems like the show is beautifully shot. If they stick with the bright colors, I will be happy. The only thing that's keeping me wary is that the show is under the "youth melodrama" genre, so I hope things don't end up getting too angsty.

Click here to watch the trailer! :)

[Photo creds and source: kdramachoa, A Koala's Playground and Tudou]

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