Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Have You Been?

Where have I been? I took a few days off to finish up watching Secret Garden. Suffice it to say, I'm going to need a couple of more days to recover. I'm in pieces after the end of that show, so before I get back to recapping it objectively, I'm going to need some "getting over the break-up of me and Drama" time.

On the personal life front, I'm moving back into my college apartment tomorrow for a month before moving into a different apartment, so I'm going to need adjustment time for that, as well.

Gah, I need a pick-me-up drama.

Upcoming stuff:
  1. News, as I catch the sound waves on the internet 
  2. Afterthoughts on Lie to Me once I watch the, oh, seven or so episodes I haven't watched yet (fun times are a'comin -__-) 
  3. Finishing up recaps for Secret Garden and getting my heart broken all over again when I finish it for the second time -- It's literally my new favorite drama. Beware the recaps, I'm warning you now. There shall be immense amounts of gushing
  4. Starting recaps for Heartstrings -- still trying to get a hold of that last new trailer they released with the OST

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