Friday, July 1, 2011

I just wanted to leave a status update for anyone who is reading this blog as I head into a crazy couple of weeks.

The following are the posts you can expect in the immediate future (meaning by tomorrow or the day after, at the latest):

1. Heartstrings Episodes 1 and 2 recaps: I'm having a bit of a hard time getting these recaps out because it's been a chore finding English-subbed videos of the show. I've found the first episode on YouTube, but not the second (yet). As soon as I get these problems ironed out, I'll get the recaps done.

2. Secret Garden Episode 2 recap: I've almost recovered from my Secret Garden obsession addiction attachment, so the recap for Episode 2 should be out fairly soon as well.

3. My Girl Episode 1 recap: I've decided to do full recaps of My Girl, rather than mini-recaps, which likely means I'll be doing minis for Brilliant Legacy (but that's another beast I won't touch right now). I'm working on the first episode for MG, so hopefully I can post that tomorrow.

4. Afterthoughts on Lie to Me: Yeah, I should just let it go, but I can't. Now that LTM is over, I want to review it and tear it apart assess it. My review's almost done, but I haven't finished watching the last couple of episodes (only read recaps), so I'll post that soon-ish.

If anyone is reading, thanks for the patience! Please leave feedback if you have any suggestions on how to make this a better, more informative blog. Thanks!

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