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Spy Myung-wol: Episode 7 Mini-recap

In which Myung-wol kicks some more ass and Kang-woo finally realizes his own feelings. This was a good episode, and left me salivating for the next, because, let's face it, who doesn't love this show? The whack factor is high and so is the chemistry factor, so you really can't go wrong.

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Episode 7 Mini-recap
Kang-woo parts the crowd and slaps Myung-wol, telling her she's fired. Immediately after, their scandal breaks across the city, with everyone talking about the mysterious woman Kang-woo is having an affair with. The Spy Team, thinking this is good, rejoices. Until Dae-kang arrives to tell them Myung-wol just got fired, that is.

Back at the agency, Ryu tells off In-ah for starting the scandal. I love him so much. Even if he's the only one that gets to her (other than Myung-wol), it's still good enough for me. 

Myung-wol heads to the bus stop, covered in remnants of egg goop, but it's not much of a reprieve there, either. People on the street keep staring at her, and everywhere she looks, she sees photos of Kang-woo all over city buildings and buses. She sits down, wondering why, if he slapped her on the face, it's her heart that hurts so much.

Agent Kyung comes into the office to talk with Kang-woo, telling him it's better he got rid of the problem before it got too big. Dae-kang berates them both for treating Myung-wol so badly, reminding them that she saved his life more than once and the only thing she was guilty of was having feelings for Kang-woo.

Kang-woo gets up to leave, telling Agent Kyung to give Myung-wol the month's salary, plus a bonus and severance pay. Agent Kyung wonders if he, too, has feelings for Myung-wol. He's hired hundreds of employees before, never worrying about paying them severance. So, why is Myung-wol so different? Dae-kang figures Myung-wol probably knows one of Kang-woo's secrets, like that he's gay or that he evaded military service. HAHA.

Agent Kyung meets up with Myung-wol and assures her not to take all this personally. Scandals must be avoided at all costs. Upon Kyung's departure, Myung-wol pulls out her copy of Mata Hari and the old school chick flick given to her by Ok-soon. She trashes Ok-soon's movie, opting to keep only Mata Hari and decides to exact some revenge on her former boss.

Kang-woo goes to the Joo mansion to have a talk with the Chairman, whose relationship to Kang-woo is still unclear. Joo warns Kang-woo to stay out of scandals like the one with Myung-wol, and not to hurt his granddaughter or take her feelings for him for granted. Kang-woo isn't the type to back down, and tells Joo to keep his granddaughter in check. Joo reminds him that he was the one who made Kang-woo, and he's the one who could destroy him too.

On the way out, Kang-woo runs into sour-faced In-ah and her stony-faced bodyguard. He thanks Ryu for saving them on the mountain, and expresses his surprise that Ryu even bothered to look for them like that. Oh, you have no idea, buddy. They have a tense-ish standoff. 

Kang-woo heads home, where the absence of Myung-wol is more prevalent than he'd probably like to admit. In actuality, Myung-wol had beaten him home and took out her own small forms of revenge on his house, like cutting open his leather couch, carving curses onto her bed frame and sticking an orange in his car exhaust. Lol. Myung-wol being petty like Kang-woo is hilarious. Birds of a feather, these two.

At the investigation agency, the Spy Team is demoralized by this latest occurrence, and get even more so when Ryu tells them to prepare for the worst after HQ in the north finds out about Myung-wol being fired. Myung-wol stands up with determination, and promises she'll make things right somehow.

She heads back over to Kang-woo's place (actually breaking into his house, lol) and stays put until he literally has to drag her out. She tells him she'll do anything he asks, even kill for him, but he isn't having it and throws her out.

Myung-wol gives it a few more shots, using a couple more tactics including "negotiation" and "blackmail." Negotiating (in Myung-wol World) includes taking all of Kang-woo's toilet paper hostage while he's on the can, and calling him to ask for reinstating her as ransom. HAHA. She cracks me up.

Eventually, he's forced to drag her back to the investigation agency (where the spy rents are eating meat as a sort of "Last Supper"). But poor Kang-woo doesn't know what he's dealing with, exactly, as the whole family puts on a show, Mom Ok-soon crying over her daughter's delinquencies in trying to find a warm bed to sleep in, and Dad Hee-bok faking a call from debt collectors. Rightly appealing to his conscience, Kang-woo feels bad enough that he takes Myung-wol back home, making her promise she'll be gone by the time the sun comes up.

At the Joo mansion, In-ah complains to the chairman about Ryu lecturing her on her treatment of Myung-wol, but Grandpa figures it's a good thing for her to have someone who will tell her the truth. The chairman goes on to ask Ryu if he knew Myung-wol before coming into Korea, since his arrival coincides with Myung-wol being instated as Kang-woo's bodyguard. Ryu makes up some excuse of knowing her because they're in the same profession, but the chairman will probably look into it anyway. Ryu sets up a rendezvous to hand off one of the Four Books that he got from Chairman Joo's safe, but when Joo has someone follow him, he's forced to shake the guy off his tail.

Kang-woo heads to work the next morning, telling Myung-wol to be out by the time he gets home. At a meeting with Agent Kyung and Dae-kang, Kang-woo turns down an offer to do a hotel gig (after a snidely-placed Shinhwa reference, snerk) to which Agent Kyung tells him he probably shouldn't refuse. This hotel in particular is notorious for being naggy and they might take a different route to persuade him.

When he comes home Kang-woo is disappointed that Myung-wol left without even saying a proper goodbye… just as she pops up behind him and causes him to make this face:

He gives her one more deadline: to be gone by the time he gets out of the shower. Of course, she's not gone when he does, and he finds her playing a shooter video game in the living room. His feeble attempts to get Myung-wol to leave end up with the pair of them playing a round together, and Kang-woo even enjoys himself a bit. He catches himself quickly, and tells her once again to leave… which is when the doorbell rings.

Myung-wol hides up in the ceiling, just barely holding herself up, when a moderately tipsy In-ah staggers in with Ryu, who apologizes for the intrusion. Right away, he notices Myung-wol's hiding place and, together with Kang-woo, they try to get In-ah to leave. Eventually, Kang-woo pulls her into a hug to turn her away from the living room, but In-ah sees Myung-wol in a reflection and goes over to give her a piece of her mind.

In-ah asks Myung-wol what she's doing, and Myung-wol explains that she snuck into the house to beg Kang-woo for her job back. In-ah eventually slaps Myung-wol for… I don’t know, breathing, probably, but gets stopped by Ryu when she tries to do it again. He tells her he'll explain things to Myung-wol so she doesn't ever do this again, and he and Myung-wol leave.

Back at the investigation agency, Myung-wol apologizes to Ryu for her mistakes, but he tells her that the mission itself was a mistake and she should have listened to his warnings not to come here. He says that her father wouldn't have wanted this for her, and then admits that it's not his wish, either. Aw, Stony-Faced Robot Boy, you melt my heart. He goes on to tell her that nothing can be done about all that; they can only go forward and succeed in their mission. Before leaving, he warns her that there are even more people watching them now, so she needs to be extra careful not blow her cover. 

Chairman Joo learns that Ryu's identity was falsified, but he decides not to reveal this to Ryu just yet.

Thwarted again, the Spy Team decides to resort to kidnapping Kang-woo. Their opportunity presents itself in the form of Kang-woo's showcase. Ok-soon and Hee-bok will pretend to be staffers behind the scenes, while Myung-wol locks Kang-woo in a car and kidnaps him.

Nothing goes right, however, as Kang-woo recognizes Myung-wol almost as soon as he gets in the car, and leaves right away. They face off outside, and Kang-woo asks her why she keeps doing this. Myung-wol protests that it's because she likes him, really likes him, and just wanted to be by his side. Kang-woo tells her he never wants to see her again, and takes off.

Too bad for him, Myung-wol gets kidnapped herself just after he leaves, by a car full of goons who think she's his girlfriend. They don't believe her when she tells them she's not, so they give Kang-woo a call to verify. He confirms it, saying they can do whatever the hell they want with her, since she doesn't mean anything to him.

Ryu senses that something's amiss and goes outside to search for Myung-wol, just as her kidnappers' car screeches out of the parking lot. He manages to catch the plate number and calls Hee-bok to look it up for him so they can track the car. 

Minutes before he's due on stage, Kang-woo's guilt and concern start tripping him up and he tries to convince himself not to care. Meanwhile, having located the car at an abandoned warehouse, Ryu speeds over on his motorcycle. At the warehouse, the thugs figure that Kang-woo isn't coming and get ready to off Myung-wol, which is when someone arrives at the entrance.

At the showcase, the curtain comes up but no one takes the stage.

In fact, it was Kang-woo who came to the warehouse to get Myung-wol, and begins trying to fight the thugs whom, he finds out, are from that persistent hotel company that his agent wanted him to perform at. Kang-woo launches himself into a beatdown with the thugs, but loses, and badly, as Myung-wol tries to free herself from her restraints. She manages to get free and beats the shit out of all the thugs, Kang-woo watching on, perturbed, as she takes them all down by herself.

Ryu shows up in time to face a new wave of goons and takes care of them with similar ease.

After the fight, Kang-woo's suspicions are in overdrive as he asks her who she really is. She thanks him for coming to get her, and admits that she didn't think he would. He makes up some excuse about doing this for himself, not for her, and calls them even--he doesn't owe her anything for saving his life anymore, and so she'd better not appear before him again.

Back at the Joo mansion, the chairman tells Ryu he wants to hold his own secret auction in an attempt to lure in the other owners of the Four Books. Ryu approves of the idea, unaware that his cover has been partially blown.

Kang-woo gets home and thinks back to Myung-wol's badass fighting at the warehouse. He wonders to himself again who she could be. When he turns on the television, he envisions Myung-wol's face in the various roles on the screen including Myung-wol as Lara Croft and Myung-wol as Sailor Moon. LOL. Then, looking around his living room, he envisions multiple fighting Myung-wols as he mumbles to himself, "No way… I can't… Myung-wol?"

This is a really long minicap. Sorry about that, but writing it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, so when I finished, I didn't go back to cut any of it out. So, this is a hybrid between a regular-sized recap and a mini-recap… a mid-cap?

Anyway, what this episode lacked in substance, it made up for with more wacky Myung-wol/Kang-woo situations and covered some ground on the Ryu/Chairman Joo front. We didn't get too much plot development, which keeps me hopeful for the next episode because I don't want things to start floundering now.

Something I've realized, watching the last few episodes, is that In-ah doesn't bother me when she's not around Myung-wol. That's the only time I really hate her. During her own scenes or with her assistant, or around Kang-woo or Ryu, she's actually pretty funny. She's got her own set of quirks that come out in full form when she's alone or when things don't work out the way she wants them to. I don't want to call her cute necessarily, since she's a bitch in most scenes involving our heroine, but the quirks are endearing.

How glad am I for the end of this episode? So very glad. I'm sure more hijinks are abound with this new revelation. I've noticed it's a trend for this series to have a lot of haphazard episodes that don't really come together until the final few scenes of the hour. This was one of those episodes, with most of the first 45 minutes or so being fairly scattered until Kang-woo saves Myung-wol at the warehouse. That's not a good thing, but the main idea comes across by the end.


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