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Spy Myung-wol: Episode 5 Mini-recap

In which Robot Boy gets shaken and the Plastic Princess  has a meltdown. This episode was good for so many reasons, least of which is the fact that Lee Jin-wook is finally emoting. His scenes with Myung-wol cracked me up. Additionally, we've got more crazy "Seduce the Hallyu Star" antics which are always entertaining.

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Episode 5 Mini-recap
Quick recap of Episodes 1 through 4 and then we're back on set with Myung-wol standing in for the stuntwoman. The pulley catches and Myung-wol speeds to the ground. Kang-woo races over and reaches her just in time. He recalls the incident in Singapore when he was saved by a woman in pink. He imagines taking off her mask to reveal Myung-wol, and then wakes up. It was just a dream. 

Kang-woo, now unable to sleep, heads over to Myung-wol's room and, seeing her haphazardly passed out, he assures himself there's no way that woman in Singapore could be Myung-wol.

Eventually, he asks Myung-wol whether she's ever been to Singapore, but she denies it and replies that she doesn't even know where that is. On set, Myung-wol helps Kang-woo put together a prop gun, which makes him even more suspicious. Later that day, Kang-woo asks Agent Kyung to get Myung-wol's travel records. He wants to find out whether she was lying about being in Singapore.

The Spy Team starts practicing more skinship exercises, with Hee-bok stepping as Kang-woo. Ok-soon doesn't like the matchup and Ryu is asked to help out (cuz, poor boy has the worst timing ever and walks out in the middle of their practice). When Myung-wol goes to hug him, he stiffens, staring down at her, and then awkwardly pushes her off and rushes back into the house. I effing LOVE awkward Ryu. SO. CUTE. (And so much better than Stiffy McCrankypants Ryu.)

The NSA learns that General Kim (from the North) sent his daughter to a Kang-woo concert in Singapore, the same trip as the secret artifacts auction. In North Korea, General Kim reports about Myung-wol's new mission to his higher up, and his commanding officer actually approves of the plan. So now, they have to carry out the mission. For real. In fact, he puts pressure on General Kim to get the mission done as soon as possible.

Kang-woo goes looking for Myung-wol's house. He wants to meet her family and see what they're like. He picks the most inopportune time--while they're going through a list of his past girlfriends (all real-life co-stars of Eric's in previous movies and dramas) to find out his type.

He comes into the house and much chaos ensues. Afterward, he assures himself Myung-wol can't be anyone out of the ordinary, especially living in a house like that. When he gets home, he finds her travel records. They're clean, which reassures him even more.

At the Joo mansion, Ryu nearly gets caught going into the chairman's Four Books safe, but gets saved by a phone call at the last minute.

Kang-woo scopes out a school for Myung-wol to attend (secretly concerned at the fact that she might never have had the chance to attend college) and gets irritated when she doesn't answer the phone. She makes up a story about being a college dropout, and then he tells her to always pick up his calls within three rings or she'll be fired.

Ryu relays to Ok-soon and Hee-bok about the North's new time constraint and Ok-soon tells him she has one trump card left. On the day of Kang-woo's new drama premiere (which is also his birthday) Myung-wol will seduce Kang-woo.

Ryu heads over (poor guy… all these awkward orders he has to give out) to tell Myung-wol of the new plans. The NSA members are still staking out the house, so when Da-hae drives by, Ryu grabs Myung-wol in a hug to hide their identities. Da-hae assumes she was wrong about Myung-wol being Kang-woo's girlfriend since, clearly, she has another lover. Ryu gives Myung-wol her new orders, but we don't actually hear the words.

Ryu's completely shaken after this encounter and recalls their hug even after arriving back at the Joo mansion. He shakes it off, trying to get himself to stay focused. Aw. Puppy love. Adorbs.

The day before the premiere, everyone  heads to the resort where the event will take place. Ryu tells the chairman he found one of the Four Books. It's in the chairman's possession. Ryu explains that he can't help if the chairman is going to keep stuff from him.

Kang-woo takes Myung-wol to a gym to practice a stunt scene for the premiere. As he's taking off his jacket, Myung-wol gets a bit distract by Mr. Abs and we finally hear Ryu in voiceover telling her the new mission. "Your new mission is to… sleep with him." Omo. In the meanwhile, Kang-woo lands a blow to her head, and Myung-wol gets angry. Not to worry, she leaves him rolling around on the floor in pain by the end of it.

The next conversation is my favorite of the show thus far. The morning of the premiere, Kang-woo complains to Myung-wol during breakfast, just as In-ah walks in, bahahaha:

Kang-woo: Let me make it clear. I went easy on you.
Myung-wol: Of course.
Kang-woo: I really did! What if I doze off during the premiere?
Myung-wol: It's because you overexerted yourself til late last night. I told you to stop, but you asked for it again, and again.
Kang-woo: Who's the one who kept coming at me all night?
Myung-wol: Don't be absurd. Was me that came up with the idea?
Kang-woo: Does that mean a girl should throw herself at a guy all night, without any qualms, just because he asks for it?

Ok-soon and Hee-bok get to the resort and Ok-soon explains to Myung-wol that she needs to be seductive. She'll have to find that desire deep within to want to make Kang-woo hers in order for the plan to work. Myung-wol tries it out, staring at Kang-woo off in the distance, but not a flutter in her heart at all.

That night, In-ah has a birthday dinner (with a helicopter for a present) all laid out, but Kang-woo heads straight to his room after work.

Back at Joo mansion, Ryu exercises to keep his mind off Myung-wol's impending mission.

Kang-woo finds Myung-wol waiting for him in his room, complete with shmexy red dress. She puts the moves on him, but confused as always, bungles the seduction and ends up giving him a bloody nose. Ouch. He runs out of the room, telling her if she ever tries something like that again, she'll be fired.

Ok-soon and Hee-bok declare the mission a failure and call Ryu, who collapses from exhaustion and smiles at the news. Aw.

Myung-wol figures she can't just let him leave like this and presents him with a birthday cake and bottle of wine. Of course, this is a bad idea. As she sings the birthday song, he remembers his father and gets angry, going so far as to toss the cake. Myung-wol, hurt, downs the entire bottle of wine on her own and gets drunk.

She follows Kang-woo outside and drunkenly goes off on him. Eventually, he exclaims that he doesn't like celebrating birthdays because that's the day his father actually died. Double ouch.

Drunk and out of sorts, Myung-wol collapses and Kang-woo piggybacks her back to the hotel, privy to her spy mantra mumblings of, "I love Kang-woo. I love him. I love him. I love him." Someone snaps pictures of them as he carries her to her room.

The next morning, Dae-kang, Agent Kyung and In-ah all coming rushing to Kang-woo's hotel room, asking him where he was all night. In the middle of this, Myung-wol comes down the stairs wearing only one of Kang-woo's shirts. Sighing, Kang-woo explains about her getting drunk the night before, but In-ah rushes out, pissed.

Downstairs, she happens to catch Ryu with the paparazzi who was snapping photos the night before and takes his camera upon seeing the snaps.

Myung-wol heads out to the courtyard, which is where Ryu eventually finds her. He apologizes for rushing things and asking her to do something like that. It was his fault and he shouldn't have asked that of her.

As they're talking, Kang-woo is off in the distance talking to some reporters. Myung-wol stares over at him and finally feels a slight flutter in her heart. She jumps up, exclaiming, "I feel it!"

This episode was hilarious. I'll bet anything that if Ok-soon and the Spy Team just let Myung-wol be… well, Myung-wol she'd have Kang-woo as putty in her hands in no time. He's already halfway in love with the girl, and the spy antics only seem to be off-putting, if not a bit confusing to the poor boy.

Regardless, watching Myung-wol try her feminine wiles (or lack thereof) on him is both hilarious and embarrassing. And Ryu… my God, if she won't take him, I certainly will. His awkward falling in love is so much better to watch than having to watch him go around being Mr. Lacks-a-Sense-of-Humor.

Now that Myung-wol has actually begun to feel something for Kang-woo, it should interesting to see how she deals with it.


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