Thursday, May 2, 2013


So, I've been cleaning my apartment for the last couple of days to prepare for family coming over for my college graduation. Normally, when I overhaul my apartment like this, I do it while listening to my favorite soundtracks as opposed to leaving the TV on or a movie playing. It's better therapy for me (for whatever reason) to just mindlessly sing along to whatever song is playing while I wash dishes or fold clothes.

So, I've been listening to a lot of Lenka of late after hearing her on You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin! and Grouplove after last summer's Sprout in preparation for summer coming up this year (which, it hasn't yet... even Florida's been hanging out in the 60s every night lately...). But I got to thinking about summer dramas in general and how I always used to listen to the unofficial Coffee Prince soundtrack (via Dramabeans) when I was a freshman and working on design projects, and realized I needed to dig up my old CDs with the songs on them so I could clean to those instead.

Come to find out, first, that I don't have the discs up here at uni with me and that, second, the soundtrack links are all broken on the DB website so I can't even re-download them. Needless to say, I sat on my couch pouting for a while as I mourned, and then spent a couple of hours going through all my closets trying to find the discs. Luckily, I had one of them tucked into a stack of CDs in my car which will tide me over until I can get home in a couple of weeks and find the rest of the discs.

Lesson learned? Put all your music into storage on the internet. There are reasons why CDs are obsolete!


  1. *waves* xD
    I nominated you for a bloggers award!

    1. Dude, that is SO cool! Thanks so much! I'll put up my answer post this weekend.

      Also, I was creeping on your recently completed... I dropped Otomen too, a while back. Why'd you drop it? Also, everyone always raves about Flames of Ambition. Is it really that good?

    2. Otomen just bored me. Seems like a cheap knockoff of other, better, high school ish jdramas. I dunno, but the man guy just didnt interest me as a main character, and everyone else was just average, even the humor.

      Flames of ambition is that drama that I should hate for its plot. It's classic soap opera makjang drama. But instead of having its characters just flailing around reacting to every situation, all of them are so sly and intelligent, and I still at over halfway cannot figure out half of their motivations. Is fascinating. Add to it that every character is fabulously acted! The main character is technically the mom and she. goes between scaring the crap out of me and then making me sob like a baby. She's one of the best characters I've ever seen, period, which is not something I'd expect from a Kdrama mom.
      Been watching this for a while. It's not something I can marathon. But I visit it every other week and watch a couple eps.

    3. I agree about Otomen. I got bored too.

      I'll probably have to check out Flames of Ambition at some point. Maybe when my never-ending list of dramas to watch gets a bit shorter, haha.