Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lee Min-jung visits terminally ill children for the Make a Wish Foundation

I love hearing stuff like this. Whether it's Christian Bale spontaneously (and without a posse of paparazzi on his tail) visiting victims of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting in July, or Lee Min-jung halfway across the world going to see a terminally ill fan at the hospital, reading stories about celebs giving back to their fans makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

On the 22nd, the Korean star of Big volunteered for the Make a Wish Foundation with her fan club members who were at a hospital making Wish Bears for terminally ill children. In particular, she met with 17-year-old Byun Yong-joon, who is terminally ill with Hodgkin's disease.

Lee sat with the teenager for an hour, listening to him and answering questions. Byun had made a wish to see the actress as a part of the event, and Lee surprised everyone for showing up to meet with the all the kids.

Aw. I think it's awesome with people who, by all rights, have the resources to do good things actually, you know, do them. Props to Lee Min-jung!

via Soompi

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