Monday, August 15, 2011

Spy Myung-wol opts to air special as a result of unfinished shooting

 Spy Myung-wol has been getting a lot of bad publicity the last couple of days since news broke that lead actress Han Ye-seul didn't show up at the filming location to complete this week's episodes.

According to her management agency, Sidus HQ, Han opted not to show as a result of health issues and will not be coming back to work until she feels better. Because of this, the cast and crew of the drama were forced to wait around for over four hours until Han's reps gave them a call.

This isn't the first time the production has butted heads with the actress. Rumor has it, she and the PD have been at odds almost since the beginning of the show, forcing a second PD to be brought on set. She also requested a five-day work week before the start of filming, which caused issue with the production.

Representatives from KBS sat down with the producers on Sunday to decide their next course of action. They came to the decision to air a special during Monday's allotted time slot, with the fate of Tuesday's airing still undecided.

I'm not one to pass judgements because I have no idea what's going on behind the scenes, but I think both the production and Han Ye-seul and her team are to blame on this one. Clearly, there was a disconnect somewhere and things went awry. Something should have been done about this before things got this bad. Now, I'm neither going to condone or condemn Han Ye-seul, though I'll be the first to admit she's being mighty unprofessional, but I doubt the production of Myung-wol are completely without fault.

Whatever the issues, I hope they sort things out before the show crashes and burns altogether.

Read more about the drama on set at Allkpop and Dramabeans.

[Source creds to Dramabeans and Allkpop; picture creds to HanCinema]

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