Sunday, November 25, 2012

A word after an extended, unannounced [I'M SO SORRY] hiatus...

*peeks in nervously*

Hi... y'all. I'm back? Well, I'm back-ish. I'm so, so terribly sorry I disappeared off the face of the planet for a month and a half. I assure you, I am alive and kicking (for now), but I had a pretty rough mid-semester crisis that involved an immediate family member being in the hospital.

In the interim, I turned 22 (yay!) and was swamped with schoolwork, but the school semester's winding down next week, so I should be able to head back down the Dramaland rabbit hole after that.

Again, I apologize for going away without saying anything, but dramas were really one of the last things on my mind as I drove up and down from school for my family. I hope you'll forgive me :/

I've missed you! Hopefully when I come back, I can finally crank out that long overdue final recap for TTBY and get started on the backlog of new dramas that I've neglected since I've been gone, plus catching up on some of those Switch Girl!! recaps I promised you. *sigh* It's good to get back to the craziness!


  1. *pounces*
    Welcome back. Sorry life has to get in the way.. Ahh, 22. It's my favorite number! Well you've been busy, but I've been extra productive.. if, you can call starting a blog productive, which I do. :)

    1. I was wondering who my new follower was. Welcome to the insanity! :) Your blog looks uber fun!!