Sunday, August 21, 2011

Status Update: August 22 - August 25 Version

Hey, guys! I take it that anyone reading this blog has realized by now that I'm massively behind on recaps. Moving has required much more time and effort than I was counting on since I've been hitting snags pretty much at every turn. The new semester at my university starts on Monday (August 22), but I'm going to try to use the first week to play catch-up with Spy Myung-wol and Protect the Boss recaps, both of which I haven't actually been able to even keep up with, watching-wise.

Sorry about this new inconvenience. With school starting, my hope is that my schedule will be a lot more consistent, so updates should get better. Summer is just too unpredictable, yah know?

Episode 8 for Myung-wol might be up tomorrow, but that all depends on my internet situation at the new apartment. Protect the Boss Episode 2 will be up at the beginning of the week. I'll try to keep up with news posts and previews as they come up.

Thanks for your patience if you are reading! :)

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