Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Protect the Boss: New Posters

So, I haven't expressed this yet, but as excited as I got for Myung-wol as that show neared its premiere date, so I'm getting about Protect the Boss. I wasn't terribly interested in the beginning, but as its quirky tone began coming out more and more through pictures and previews, I've started to anticipate it.

Starring Ji Sung (Royal Family, Kim Soo-ro), Choi Kang-hee (My Sweet Seoul, Thank You), Jaejoong (Heaven's Postman [movie]) and Wang Ji-hye (President, Personal Taste), the drama is about a tough woman who becomes secretary to a man-child chaebol in need of motivation and protection. Jaejoong plays Ji Sung's responsible cousin, and Wang Ji-hye plays a perfectionist lawyer.

It actually looks cute in that same Myung-wol way, so I'm hoping it also doesn't disappoint. These two new posters are only two of a gazillion shots that have been released, so check out more at HanCinema.

Protect the Boss premieres on SBS on August 3rd.

[Photo creds to HanCinema]

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