Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recaps and Mini-Recaps

So, my experiment on recaps didn't turn out the way I wanted (I'm still not finished with the Episode 1 recap for Secret Garden). I'm not giving up hope, however. I'm working on another experiment and have realized recaps are not an impossible endeavor.

Even so, they are heavy stuff. It shouldn't be too bad once I get my bearings, but it's going to be a rocky start. So, in going through this process, what I've decided is this: I can't stand the idea of not being able to churn out recaps for shows that are close to my heart, so I'm going to work on mini-recaps for some dramas. They won't be as time-consuming or intense as my full-blown projects, and I'll be sure to discern which type I'm doing for which show.

For now, I will continue doing full recaps for Secret Garden and begin Heartstrings after the show airs. The next full recap project will most likely be My Princess.

If you check out the Korean Drama page, I've put up a new list. In it, I've also included Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy and My Girl. I know for sure that I'll be doing mini-recaps for My Girl, but I haven't decided yet about Shining Inheritance. Those projects are probably a long while off yet, so I'll let you know as the time for posting them gets nearer.

I hope this isn't too confusing. As I begin new projects, things will become clearer. For now, you can anticipate continued recaps for Secret Garden and Heartstrings.

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